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N.D. 2017 Italy

Paper & Packaging

ACMAR Group / Orienta Partners

Sidac is an historical company based in Forlì, leader in the flexible packaging industry for food, detergents and pet food. In 2016 it reported 27 million euros revenues with an EBITDA of 3.5 million euros.
With the support of its international network and the expertise of its partners, Cavour contacted 110 targets among financial investors and industrial groups.
Almost a third of the contacted potential buyers expressed interest in deepening the project by signing declarations of interest and purchase offers. This strong interest is partly due to the consolidation trend in the Flexible Packaging Industry, which has been in place for years and is now accelerating with the growing involvement of private equity firms attracted by the global growth of this sector.
Subsequently, following a composition with creditors by the Acmar Group, Cavour supported the sales process by introducing national and international players of the packaging industry, contributing to the successful completion of the auction with the achievement of a sale price 30% higher than the appraisal value, with full satisfaction of Acmar and of all the parties involved.

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