GCG World Conference 2017 | Vienna


The GCG network has developed substantially since its establishment and members have already had various occasions to meet each other and exchange deal-opportunities. The most recent meeting was organised on the 21st of October in Vienna in occasion of the GGI annual World Conference (19-22 October 2017).

The session, which is branded "GCG M&A Dealmakers meeting", was moderated by Tim van der Meer (Marktlink, The Netherlands), member of the GCG Strategic Committee, and was officially opened by a welcome speech from Claudio Cocca.

First speaker of the day was Antonio Boccia (Baldi Finance, Milan) who showed via his presentation “Football & Finance” the significant growth in interest for football clubs to raise financing for their investment programmes in the capital markets.

The session continued with a presentation delivered by Jeroen Kruithof, from the GCG sponsor Virtual Vaults, about cybercrime and how to secure data in M&A transactions. Mr Kruithof analysed current trends in cybercrime, explaining the regular threats such as ransomware and destroyware as a starting point. Protecting the data about M&A transactions is paramount in the current environment, therefore he explored various ways to do so by using proper tools during the different phases of the entrepreneurial lifecycle.

The programme then featured Julien Thébault and Jean-Louis Gandon from S&P Global Market Intelligence, who presented a real-life business case showing practical examples of how to optimise the M&A process using the S&P Desktop solutions, going through deal origination to peer analysis, corporate valuation, investment research, and pitchbook presentation.

Next step during this session was the “Physical Dealmarket” during which member firms from ten different countries (both GCG and GGI members) could take the stage and briefly introduce their firms and the deal-opportunities that they wished to share with fellow participants. The meeting ended with a presentation delivered by Marco Izzo, COO of GCG, who showed the various tools put in place for GCG members.

Further GCG meetings are already planned for 2018 in Marbella (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Das Eisenberg (Austria), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Please check the section “News & Events” of our website for further details.