MGA Milano Global Advisors has joined GCG


MGA Milano Global Advisors is a new international consulting boutique with a strong specialisation in M&A and Corporate Finance.

Led by Cesare Suglia and with offices in Milan and Rome, MGA brings together decades of experience from the partners, Cesare Suglia, Umberto Orazio Ruta, Andrea Mifsud e Stefano de Nart, focused on corporate finance, real estate, finance and legal.

Via the membership in GCG, MGA aims at developing an increasingly targeted offer of global advisory consultancy services, paying a particular attention to innovation and to the necessary adaptation to rapidly changing global business challenges.

Digital transformation, fintech and blockchain are a key part of the core business promoted by MGA in Italy and abroad.


Further information are available at the firm's website page.


Contact Person:

Dr Cesare Suglia
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