GCG World Conference 2019 | Marrakesh


The latest GCG M&A Dealmakers meeting took place in November in occasion of the GGI World Conference 2019 in Marrakesh, Morocco. Some 40 M&A advisers from GCG member firms around the world joined this event and met with the 200+ participants at this GGI conference.

The programme started on Friday with a private lunch scheduled for GCG members and candidate firms, featuring a productive discussion about the GCG network developments, functioning and future plans. The participants were then invited to join the M&A Practice Group session led by Tim van der Meer (Marktlink Fusies & Overnames B.V., The Netherlands), Global Chair of the M&A PG and a member of the GCG Strategic Committee. The Friday programme ended with an informal dinner at Terre des Etoiles, with both GCG and GGI members in attendance.

The Saturday morning featured the main GCG M&A Dealmakers session, opened by a welcome speech delivered by Tim van der Meer, and welcoming many participants from GCG and GGI member firms. The first presentation of the morning session was delivered by Hans Bayer, David Wolfe, and Dr Alexander Bezberdy from the GCG new member firm NorthStar Corporate Finance (Stuttgart, Prague, Moscow), and focused on the Eastern Europe/Russia M&A Channel. Mr Beyer and Mr Wolfe explained the many opportunities which lie into the exploitation of this channel, giving also some examples as of successfully concluded transactions.

The session continued with an interactive panel session on M&A in emerging markets, with Antonio Castilla (ACN Capital, Chile) and Raghu Marwah (RNM Capital Advisors, India) and moderated by Michael Reiss von Filski. The first half of the GCG Dealmakers Meeting ended with a combined coffee break and networking session with GCG and GGI delegates.

The next activity organised during the GCG meeting was a “Physical Dealmarket” during which GCG member firms from different countries could take the stage and briefly introduce their firms and some of the most relevant cross-border deal-opportunities that they wished to share with fellow participants.

The conference session ended with a presentation delivered by Marco Izzo, COO of GCG and GGI, who provided an overview of the developments within the GCG network, new members, tools, partnerships, and future events. The rest of the programme followed that of the GGI World Conference.